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Kasow testimonial 2021

Kasow testimonial 2021


Maureena Fritz testimonial

Maureena Fritz testimonial

“Bryna Lee is reliable. She shows up with a smile at the appointed time and we have such fun learning.”

Jenny Sasson

I look forward to sessions with Bryna Lee because I always come out knowing more than I did before and feeling empowered. I usually make a list of questions between sessions, so we can address them at the next session. If I am ever stuck, I can always call her, and if it is something that she can walk me through on the phone, she is happy to do it.

testimonial-teaching patience

testimonial-teaching patience

“I feel no pressure working with Bryna Lee. We work at my pace, according to my schedule and my priorities, and always patient and with a smile.”

Julie Landau

“I am always asking Bryna Lee, ‘How do you know all this stuff?’ She always smiles and says that she is constantly learning new things to keep up with a ‘moving target.'”

Bill Statfield

“I never thought I could do it, but Bryna Lee makes it so easy!”

Rabbi Hillel Millgram, Author

“Bryna Lee is very patient and teaches me on a schedule that works for me. She never makes me feel stupid.”

“Bryna Lee loves what she does, and that is so evident in the way she reaches out to people who need help using technology.”

Linda Kofman

“It took me forever to decide to call My Tech Tutor, but after several friends mentioned Bryna Lee to me, I decided to take the plunge.”

“I love being able to use my iPhone to make calls, whatsapp, facetime, skype. Soon I will be ready to use it for my email and maybe even try facebook.”

Malkah Abuloff, Tour Guide

“I love the way that Bryna Lee shows me how to do something, then we start over, and I get to do it myself. And she always asks if I want to write something down, or if I want her to write it down. Then we do it again. It really helps to make it ‘stick’ in my brain.”

“Bryna Lee shows me how to do things with my phone that I didn’t know were possible. Like getting rid of facebook and email notifications that are bothering me all day!”