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5 improvements my amazing graphic designer made that you can use too!

My Tech Tutor had a makeover, and I have been meaning to tell you about it!

When I started My Tech Tutor, I knew I needed business cards, so I designed my own business card. By myself. I created my logo (which I still use and I like very much) Using Photoshop. And I had them printed and began to hand them out like candy.

And then, I started to go to conferences and meetings to meet new people and (hopefully) have more opportunities to work with clients. So I needed some promotional literature that tells you something more about why you might want to work with My Tech Tutor. I created an avatar (that’s the cartoon-like representation of me).

And I had some speaking engagements and handed out the promotional cards at the meetings and conferences.

Then Estee Cohen, of told me she was going to redesign my business card and promotional card for me and make it better.

I was skeptical. Why should I have someone else do this for me when I was perfectly happy with the way it was? Sound familiar? Well, as we all know, and continue to learn over and over again, when a gifted professional does work for you, in their specialty, there is a great likelihood that their work will be a lot better than what you can manage to do for yourself.

And incidentally, along the way, more than one person recommended to me that I use my image, instead of an avatar, or some other clip art person, so yes, that’s me!

Remember, it’s easy when you know how, but sometimes it pays to hire a professional. You can do it too!

  1. Striking color scheme

  2. Curves that are pleasing to the eye

  3. Made me articulate what was important

  4. Use the second side, it doesn’t cost much more to print

  5. Great use of white space

Please let me know in the comments what you think about the changes or if your list of 5 things would be different.

You can reach Estee Cohen

via email at

or by phone

in Israel:  058-551-1757

or outside of Israel:  011-972-58-551-1757.

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