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How to Improve Your Online Security

Ways to Improve Your Online Security - scroll down for link to presentation

Learn techniques to protect your information online – scroll down for link to presentation

In February, I took a trip to Tel Aviv to speak at the Israel Translators Association Annual Convention (ITA).

Once again, it was a pleasure to participate in this annual event.

The presentation explains specific things that you can do when using your smartphone, tablet or computer to improve your security and protect your privacy while still enjoying the convenience of accessing information, shopping, etc. online. Most of us are vulnerable in this age of social media sharing, shopping, web-surfing and even just using email on our smartphones. You can learn to use a variety of techniques to safeguard your information.

Please click on the image above to view the slide presentation (click on the slides to progress from one to the next):

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This year, as an added bonus, I recorded the talk and it is available to you by clicking on the link below.

Here is a link to the audio file of my accompanying presentation:

Please take a look and don’t hesitate to call me or write to me if this sparks questions. It should.

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